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Cloud Services and Migration to Cloud

Whether you need to realise efficiencies in your day to day operations or rationalise your on-premise or hybird cloud solutions we can help. Our team of experienced professionals can work with you to develop architecture and strategy, through to implementation. Get in touch with us today to learn how Mercu IT Solutions can help your journey to the cloud.


Microsoft 365 Migration & Teams Implemenatation

Microsoft 365 offers enterprise class solutions and services that can benefit your business, but the prospect of migrating can be daunting. Even once migrated the scale of available services can be even more confusing.


Let Mercu IT Solutions make the migration and adoption of services a smooth process that adds value to your business.

Cloud Migration to Azure, Google and AWS

Want to move your workloads to the cloud but not sure which offering is right for your business ? 

At Mercu IT Solutions we believe that making the right choice of cloud provider is the foundations of a successful cloud migration. Let us work with you understand your requirements and put your best foot forward on the journey to the cloud.

Private Cloud and Co-Location Services

Many business's have workloads that are not suitable for more traditional public clouds, whether that is from a compliance position or the type of workload. At Mercu IT Solutions we can help whatever your requirements.


Working closely with our Tier III+ datacentre and private cloud partners we can help you. 

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